Award-winning Caterer, Profits Help Students

About Us


A Life Changed Forever

Our co-founder, Hector, received a 0.0 GPA in high school and dropped out. Hector received a 0.0 GPA his first year at community college. 

As he considered dropping out of school for good, a college professor pulled him to the side and told him he believed in him. The professor’s subsequent action completely shocked Hector. The professor reached into his wallet and gave him a $100 bill to help him purchase the book for class and told him not to dropout. The professor’s act of kindness changed his life forever. Hector went on to receive his bachelor’s and master’s degrees with top honors.

A college education transformed Hector's life. His goal is to pay it forward and support deserving students.


Helping Students, One Taco at A Time

Our founders – Hector & Michelle - started with a simple idea of providing free tacos to low-income students to encourage them to apply for college. The students loved the tacos! 

So much so, that the husband and wife duo began selling their tacos at the famous Redlands Market Night every week in exchange for donations. The Redlands community became huge fans of Tuition Tacos which enabled Hector & Michelle to provide free tacos and scholarships to thousands of students that went on to college.


Largest & Most Awarded Caterer

Tuition Tacos has become the largest and most awarded Taco Caterer in the area. Profits go toward providing food and scholarships to low-income high school students in our community.

Our mission is to “Live a purpose-driven life”.